Pay as You Go 5 Credits | Fix My Website

Pay as You Go 5 Credits | Fix My Website

$650.00 USD

Pay as You Go 5 Credits | Fix My Website
For Small Website Changes or fixes.


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Pay as you go Credits

Pay as You Go 5 Credits | Fix My Website

Small changes or fixes, adding,  editing or deleting content, text, photos, simple section or page or optimize website’s speed. #dionecsaHelps

Speed Optimization

  • Image Optimization for 1 site
  • Minifying resources for 1 site
  • Caching plugin configuration for 1 site
  • Plugin review and suggestions on removing redundant plugins for 1 site
  • Third-party scripts optimized by deferred loading for 1 site

Custom Development

  • Custom coding for 1 site.
  • Plugin install and configuration for 1 site.
  • Site rebuilds for 1 site.
  • Any content you need to update to the site.


  • The credits are valid for 30 days from the day they were purchased or the consumption of 100% of them, whichever comes first. If credits are not used within the 30 days, will be lost.
  • Credit packages are purchased in advance in a one-time payment transaction.
  • One credit is equivalent to one hour of a task. The minimum task requires one credit to develop.
  • Tasks can only be assigned one by one, there is no multitasking.
  • A detailed task report will be sent upon credit package expiration.

Additional information

Valid for

30 days from the date of purchase