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My Own Online Store - My Online Business WEBECOMBIZ5

Online Store Package 5

$7,699.00 USD

Perfect for who wants to start selling physical products or professional services online.

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Online Store Package 5 – WEBECOMBIZ5

What’s included:

1.- Layout of Front End of your e-commerce (structure).
2.- Back-End Setup your e-commerce.
3.- Setup 2 payment gateways.
4.- SSL certificate for 1 year.
5.- Domain for 1 year ( .com, .info, .net)
6.- Domain Setup.
7.- Hosting for 1 year.
8.- Server Setup and e-mail setup of 1 account.
9.- Technology consult during the project.
10.- We setup ONLY 1 to 5 Simple Products in these package, but you can add as many as you want.

note.- This is just a general listing of what is included, please contact us for more information.


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